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 Welcome to Dona Gracia - Unique Vacation at Tiberias starts here!

The house of Dona Gracia Hotel & Museum is the only hotel museum in the world.

when you pass over it's door steps, you enter the beautiful world of Dona Gracia,

the sephardic atmosphere of the 16th century.

The hotel - located in the center of tiberias,within a short wallk to the sea of galilee

shore and to the entertainment area .

the hotel museum have 66 air conditioned rooms,equipped with cable tv,

telephone, mini fridge, bath/shower,

free wifi all hotel !

Internet station available 24/7 for the guests free of charge ! 

the warm and generous service,provided by the professional staff and

makes your stay a home away from home.

the air of an old world blends splendidly with the modern facilities of the hotel .

center of pilgrims tours - In Dona gracia Hotel, We do our best to

provide to our guests a pleasant vacation. 

groups and individual pilgrims from all parts of the world are welcome

and we make all for they feel comfortable, while they explore the holy sites around the

Sea of Galilee,Tiberias, Israel

We also accommodate all vacationers throughout all the year.

Our hotel museum - The house of dona gracia offers a different way to relax 

and to spend an enjoyable and unforgettable stay.

it is a cultural experience, which enriches the spirit .

The museum - is located on the ground floor and it is open everyday with a guided tour which introduces

you to Dona Gracia, her life and her exquisite.

it is a travel in time and an adventure following Dona gracia footsteps.

Hotel & museum dona gracia - located at 3 Haprachim Street in Tiberias,

 just 5 minutes walk from the sea of galilee and 2 minutes from the

Central station in the city of Tiberias.

The Hotel is near to the most shopping and entertainment center of the

city Tiberias and serves as a perfect base for sightseeing and

attractions in Tiberias.


come visit tiberias !!!


Museum Hotel Casa Dona Gracia Tiberias | Flower 3, Tiberias | Tel. 04-6717176 

Department orders. 04-6728904 | Fax. 04-6717175
special cake for special event ! 
many thanks to bathen for made the cake for group pilgrims . 

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