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Dona Gracia Museum & History

The Museum of Dona Gracia is a unique “living museum”

in its design and setup. We invite you to
feel the special atmosphere, you may touch exhibits and any object you like.

"The Casa” central story is based on the 16th century Jewish leader

Dona Gracia, or, in her Hebrew name, Hanna Nassi,
and stresses her actions on behalf of the Jewish people.

Dona Gracia Museum is a unique cultural
enterprise stressing the involvement and centrality of women in history

in general and particularly in
Jewish history by glorifying her name, figure and actions.

The central ideas of the Casa are fostering
and amplifying female leadership in human and Jewish history,

expressing the central legacy of Ladino
culture and stressing the centrality of Tiberias in the history of the Jewish people.


who is dona gracia ?

her name was hanna nassi , and she dedicated her life and fortune to preserve

her jewish heritage. with the blessing of the turkish sultan she tried to

establish a jewish settlement in tiberias .

the house of dona gracia is the only hotel museum in the world .

when you pass over its door steps, you enter the beautiful world of Dona Gracia,

the sephardic atmosphere of the 16th century.

The museum is located on the ground floor and it is open everyday

for house who wish to be a part of the guided tour which introduces

you to Dona Gracia, her life and her exquisite.

it is a travel in time and an adventure following the Dona footsteps

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