Dona Gracia Museum

Dona Gracia House - a unique museum hotel in the world!

The Story Hotel and the world’s unique live museum! A place of recreation and hospitality that you will imagine yourself in the 16th century in the journey to the life of the Jewish woman Dona Gracia. In a setting in the style of the Lady’s palace and the sounds of the Renaissance.

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A few words about a woman you did not know ..

Dona Gracia was Hannah Nasi in her Hebrew name. She was born to a Jewish family from Spain and Portugal, one of the wealthiest women in the world in the 16th century. Dona Gracia dedicated her legendary happiness and connections to rescuing her Jewish brothers. With the blessing of the Turkish Sultan, she initiated and worked to renew the settlement and establish a Jewish state in the city of Tiberias
Viewing point Dona Gracia

Contents of the tour at "Casa Dona Gracia"

Duration: about two hours

The content of the tour: At first there is a general information video to guide the life of Dona Gracia, the tour will pass through the various halls of the museum according to stations in the life of Dona Gracia.
Visit the Document exhibition a very special exhibition – the exhibition floor was designed in the style of Dona Gracia’s palace and within 10 showcases you can find more than 70 dolls depicting important historical events in the life of Dona Gracia and action for the Jewish people. Finally you can get a souvenir picture – you can choose from a variety of clothing from the 16th century.

Tour characteristics:
The nature of the tour we were feet with a slight difficulty – suitable for seniors.

Comments and Highlights: In a convenient location, the museum and the entire building are air-conditioned and drinks can be ordered for the duration of the tour.
The location of the museum is in the heart of Tiberias.

Tours and exhibitions at the Dona Gracia Museum

The Dona Gracia House is a unique “living museum” in its design!
We invite you to feel the special atmosphere.

 The main story of “The House” is based on the image of 16th-century Jewish leader Dona Gracia.
Each event is accompanied by a pianist and Renaissance and Ladino music.
The museum exhibits permanent exhibitions and exhibitions that are open to the general public!

תערוכת המסמך
The Document exhibition